Crowd Lu says “OH YEAH!” to Taipei

Golden Melody Best New Artist winner Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) continued his “OH YEAH” concert tour in Taipei on Christmas day. Fans packed the TICC to see him perform and he did not disappoint. Crowd Lu greeted fans with his signature expressions like “WA!” and “YEAH!” He sang a total of 30 songs including “7 Days”, “Don't Kill Me”, and “Love Exercise”. Later in the show, he performed “The Loneliest Time”, “Lonely Lovers”, Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone” without his guitar, and “intoxicated” the audience with his voice.

Crowd Lu says, “YEAH! (I'm) back to Taipei, YEAH!”

About half an hour into the show, an unlucky male fan was hurt while returning to his seat from the washroom. Due to dimmed lighting, he wasn't able to see clearly and accidentally hit his head on a camera crane. The bleeding fan was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Crowd Lu was not informed about the mishap during the concert.


Before the show started, Crowd Lu exchanged Christmas gifts with his staff backstage. He prepared a travel adapter as his gift and received a flashlight in return. During the 3-hour concert, Crowd Lu changed into 4 different outfits, including one that strongly resembles a prisoner uniform. He will return for a 2nd show on the 26th, in which his fellow Best New Artist nominee, Jam Hsiao, is also holding his own concert at the Taipei Arena on the same night.

The "OH YEAH" concert probably won't be out on DVD for awhile, but here are some clips of his other live performances:

A windy performance of “Oh Yeah!”

“7 Days” on electric guitar

“Que te pasa? What are you doing?”

….and a little bit of “Sorry Sorry”

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Written by PA

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