Crowd Lu reveals the secret underneath his signature shorts

The secret underneath Crowd Lu’ shorts have been exposed by Patty Hou! It turns out that he wears a pair of “safety shorts” (think short tights) underneath his signature shorts. Even Ma-Sa from the band Mayday thinks it’s a bit too girly, as Crowd wraps up his lower body so tightly.

Crowd Lu attended a recording of Entertainment at Azio with host Patty Hou recently. In addition to his underpants secret, he also revealed that he hasn’t dated for 2 years. His last relationship lasted for only 2 weeks and it led him to suffer from the “fear of love”. To this date, he is still afraid of finding a girlfriend.

Crowd Lu also disclosed that his ideal girl should have a small face with a long body, like “Sailormoon”, and his female idol is Gigi Leung. He seems to have a change of heart pretty quickly as he often mentioned actress Guey Lun-Mei (from the movie Secret) in the past.
Source: Liberty Times
Translations: PA

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