Crowd Lu: “Reaching a high note is like squeezing toothpaste.”

Crowd Lu appeared as special guest on WAHSBBT a few days ago.  During one of the segments, Blackie asked Crowd how he managed to reach the high note in “好想要揮霍” (Hao Xiang Yao Hui Huo), Crowd explained that singing high notes is like squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out from the tube.  Both Ye Shou and Louis (Xiao Lu) tried their best, but “that last bit of toothpaste just couldn’t be squeezed out,” Blackie joked.

Crowd and Wen Zi performed the dance that Crowd made up himself (which is widely available on the net), and the girls kept shouting, “So cute!  So cute!” And Apple even called Crowd, “Xiao Ke Ai (little cutie, which is another nickname for bra),” making Crowd a little embarrassed.

Blackie asked Crowd to sing a bit of “Love Regret” which was a composition Crowd wrote out of improvising with Hong Shi’s lyrics in a lyrics writing competition of a past episode of Hei Se Hui Mei Mei.  The melody was completed and recorded in Crowd’s latest album as track 11, “聽見了嗎?” (Can you hear it?).

Under Wen Zi's request, Crowd sang "Que Te Pasa", which is a song from his previous album.  Crowd joked that it is a song of repentance.

Before singing one of his latest songs, "I No", Crowd explained that the lyrics of the song expresses his feelings, "After the accident I had, I already feel very happy that I'm still alive, so no matter what happens, even if nightmares surround the world, we should still smile."  Blackie joked, "You're also worried about 2012?"

Watch Crowd sing "Oh Yeah!!!" from his latest album

Watch Crowd sing "7 Days"

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