Comedian Ah-Ken and Na-Dou join the ranks for top Asian idols

People's Big Party” funny man Ah-Ken and Taiwan's resident “F-lister” Na-Dou (as compared to an A-lister) were hired by LG to promote their Lollipop cell phone in Taiwan. This must have come as a surprise, or simply creative marketing, since the same model is being promoted by some very popular Korean idol groups like Big Bang, 2NE1, and f(x).

Ah-Ken and Na-Dou say “Hello” to Lollipop!

So what exactly do Ah-Ken and Na-Dou have going for them? In addition to their countless TV appearances, Ah-Ken and Na-Dou reached out to the youth market with their famous “Sorry Sorry” parody earlier this year. The two comedians reportedly combined for an annual income that nearly surpassed top MC Chang Fei’s.

Of course this Lollipop comes with Chinese (Traditional) firmware…

Ah-Ken is confident that this will be the most explosive commercial in Taiwanese TV history. Na-Dou mentioned that they have worked with CF director Jeff previously. Although the director smiled wryly when he saw them, they trust that Jeff will be able to bring out their best looking side in the CF. Besides singing the theme song, Ah-Ken and Na-Dou got to work with famous choreographer Rambo to complete their Lollipop dance.

Reporters were shocked when LG introduced their new spokespersons, as they thought the Taiwanese idol group Lollipop would have been an obvious choice.

Ah-Ken also expressed his gratitude to LG for selecting them to promote their product. He said the opportunity taught him how it feels to be a true idol. Na-Dou talked about their thoughts on being chosen as the spokespersons, “We were more surprised than anyone, (we were) thinking if LG was crazy.” Ah-Ken tried to save him by saying that they have reached new heights with all the dance practices they did for this CF.

The commercial:

(If you can still take more...) The full MV :

(If you can't get enough...) Interview with Ah Ken and Na Dou + Dance version of the CF

Source: UDN, Nownews, CNA, NEARGO7410
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