Coco Lee holds her first World Tour in 12 years!

After 12 years, international superstar CoCo will kick off her “Coco Lee East to West World Tour” on March 27, 2010 at the Taipei Arena. Ever since her first concert in August 2, 1998 was held at the Taipei Municipal Stadium, CoCo's hot music and dances has deeply remained in the hearts of fans. 12 years later, the fans can be satisfied again with the "CoCo Li East to West World Tour”!

This tour is sure to make up for those 12 lost years, as Coco will use her beautiful voice and dancing to melt the hearts of fans! The first leg will start from Taipei, traveling to China, Malaysia, the United States, and many more locations that will span the entire world. This time especially, the tour organizer has emphasized that each stop will have one show only and there will be no additions of shows. Not only will this be another highlight in Coco’s successful career, it’ll also a wonderful stroke of fortune for her fans!

In order to provide her eagerly-awaiting fans a totally new experience, Coco has specially invited the same production team that designed Aaron Kwok’s concert in Hong Kong, who have been tailoring an especially dazzling stage for Coco, promising to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing concerts of the year. The lights, sound, and stage equipment are being flown into Taiwan from foreign countries, and even the stage design is being worked on by international producers. The cost is estimated to be around 100 million NT, setting a new record for the total production cost of a concert performed in Taipei Arena!

Other than the preparation of the stage, Coco herself has been putting a lot of effort into preparing herself for this extraordinary event. Coco has been rehearsing like crazy; in order for her to rehearse her dancing and singing, she has been flying back and forth from Hong Kong and the United States, and often meets with the production team in order to ensure the best possible concert experience for her fans.

In addition to Coco’s sexy dances and magnificent vocals, Coco has a surprise up her sleeve-she will be inviting 6 guests “of extreme beauty”. Coco revealed that all 6 of them have special origins and that she is keeping in close contact with them, but that their identities will remain a secret for now. She promises that it will give fans the shock of their lives, so we’ll just have to wait and see until then!

Source: UDN

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