Cindy Yen Toughens Her Image with New MV “Stupid Fish”

The musically-talented female rookie Cindy Yen, known for her radiant smile and sweet personality, is known more for her instrument-playing abilities and her soaring vocals, but who would have thought that she would also be known for her dance moves? The lyrics to the song itself sings against a shallow guy that toys with her feelings as some dumb fish, most likely refers to the dating analogy of there being plenty fishes (i.e.., guys) in the sea. Cindy furthers the analogy by putting on special “fish-scale make-up” to accentuate her look in parts of the MV, much like a mermaid!

While loving of music, Cindy was also fond of sports and dance, but her protective mother instead enrolled her in piano lessons so that she would not expose herself to intense physical activity. It wasn’t until she attended college at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States did Cindy get exposed to the hip-hop community and learned to mimic the moves of that music genre.

In her recent MV “Stupid Fish 笨魚”, Cindy gets to demonstrate her dancing prowess set to a more rocking song atypical of her previous ballads and softer melodies, and partly shedding her innocent girl image a bit. To further the feel of the song, Cindy’s music label specially invited dance choreographers from the United States and four top-skilled dancers from South Korea to train and practice with Cindy on getting the moves down. Adding to the feel of the song was the set location for the MV, which was partly shot with bright lights and pyrotechnics on location at Taiwan’s Neihu Science Park and its downtown tech buildings. The production values definitely showed, as the MV shoot attracted a huge crowd of passers-by whom wanted to get a look at the singer/dancer.

Check out Cindy shedding her soft good girl image in her latest rock-sounding MV, courtesy of mengsion!

Cindy Yen's "Stupid Fish 笨魚" MV:

Source:, mengsion

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