Cindy Yen Sings of Love Lost in Latest “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” MV

Taiwanese newcomer Cindy Yen is continuing her MV run by releasing one for her song “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” off her debut self-titled album “Cindy”. Following her gentle and calming debut song “Traveling Love” and her spirited melody in “Sky After the Rain”, Cyndi releases her third solo MV with a more somber feel, both song-wise and plot-wise.

In her new MV, Cindy gets her moment to showcase her piano-playing skills again in the backdrop of a plot revolving a former flame. Throughout the MV, moments of Cindy and her on-screen love enjoying the simple pleasures of their happier days, further intermixed with the aftermath of a relationship no more as Cindy sings vocals that match the tone.

Vocally, Cindy's newest iteration doesn’t stray too far away from the formula that she established in her previously released MVs, but for fans that enjoy Cindy’s trademark sound, they will not be disappointed with what she offers in her newest sad love ballad. Check out the MV below and judge for yourself if you can love Cindy’s latest more than the handsome guy loves Cindy in the MV, courtesy of C-pop MV mainstay urasiansourceCpop.

Cindy Yen’s “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” MV:

Source: urasiansourceCpop

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