Christmas Holiday Cheer from the CpopAccess Staff!

Holiday greetings, CpopAccess readers! Ever since our staff opened this site, we have received wonderful responses from you fellow Cpop fans. Thank you for your support, and we will continue to do our best to bring you guys the latest trends.

In order to celebrate our staff's first Christmas together with all of you on this site, staff members have picked out our favorite Christmas-themed Mandopop MVs for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy our picks as much as we enjoyed picking them!

Happy holidays to you all, and we hope that the new year brings in even more awesome Mandopop goodies. Thanks again for all your wonderful support! :)

fufu's pick: B.A.D.'s "Summer Christmas"

Pauli's pick: Genie Cho's "Love Castle"

Zahra's pick: Evonne Hsu, Will Pan, & Energy's "Universal Love"

P.A.'s pick: ELVA's "Thinking of Christmas"

alee's pick*: JS's "Christmas Memories"

*: alee's actually on vacation, but we didn't want to make her feel left we picked out an MV in her name :P

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