Chang Yu quits Million Star

Yesterday, Chang Yu declared his resignation to Million Star after the recording.  Chang Yu expressed that he felt responsible for the lost of his team.  Host Tao Zi attempted to dissuade Chang Yu from resigning, but with his eyes red, Chang Yu still decided to leave.

Since the first season, Million Star has always gone in the direction of a dramatic singing contest variety show, where emotional topics discussed between Tao Zi and the contestants are tear-jerking.  Super Idol’s judge Bryan Chan commented that it’s rare to see a judge like Chang Yu, who is so emotionally devoted to the show.  However, Super Idol’s producer Jasoncat Hsueh joked, “Our judges’ acting isn’t as good.”

Million Star season 6 is led by Chang Yu, Yuan Wei Ren, Kang Kang and Zuo An An, forming four groups to compete against each other.  In yesterday’s recording, two contestants were eliminated from Chang Yu’s team.  Being upset, Chang Yu expressed that he lacked the ability to lead his team well, thus, decided to withdraw from the show.  He also explained that it was because it hurts to see his team members be eliminated, “Million Star has brought me the most memories out of all the shows I’ve done.”

News source: UDN

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