“Bad guy” defeats Jay Chou to be the king of KTV in 2009

Veteran and newcomer battles it out for the king of KTV.

What are the hottest songs in KTV this year?  Abin Fang (方炯鑌) grabbed number 1 by singing about the pain of lovelorn men with his soothing hit song "Bad Guy" (壞人).  It was number 1 for 31 weeks at Cashbox and 28 weeks at Holiday, which are the two largest karaoke chains in Taiwan, defeating Jay Chou's "Where is our promised happiness" (說好的幸福呢).

Originally made his debut in a group, Abin Fang returned to the music scene as a solo artist last year and touched the hearts of many with his sincere singing style.  He was shocked to find out that he has defeated the likes of Jay Chou and Eason Chan to win the KTV year-end charts.  Abin remained humble and said that he loves Eason's works.  When he goes to KTV, he always chooses "The king of Karaoke"(K歌之王) and "Qing Hua Ci" (青花瓷).

On the other hand, "President" Chou swept the KTV charts a year ago with 4 songs in the top 10.  He still managed to take second place with "Where is our promised happiness" despite not releasing a new album this year.  Not only was the song a big hit, it was also adapted by fans from both shores to new versions like "Where is our promised year-end bonus", "Where is our promised All-Pass" (referring to grades).

Singer Fan Van resurrects his career with the hit movie Cape No. 7.

Singer Van Fan (范逸臣) benefited from the massive popularity of his hit movie "Cape No. 7" and placed two songs in the top 10.  He was followed by Fish Leong "There's no if" (沒有如果) and Rainie Yang's "Take me away".  Both songs became fan favorites as they were the theme and insert songs of popular idol dramas.

The movie "Cape No. 7" premiered in August of last year and stirred up a craze in Taiwan.  Singer and lead actor Van Fan resurrected his career after being out of the spotlight for the last few years.  With its upbeat temple and easy-to-remember lyrics, the movie's theme song "Wu Le Bu Zuo" (無樂不作) is definitely a KTV crowd's favorite, while the insert song "South of the border" (國境之南) also tasted success.

The results of the KTV top 10 charts showed a strong connection between drama and music.  Most of the top 10 hits were theme songs or inserts from local idol and Korean dramas, like Fish Leong's "There's no if" from "Defeated Queen", Rainie Yang's "Take me away" from "Miss No Good", while Abin's "Bad guy" was a theme song for the local broadcast of a Korean drama series.

 The queen of ballads Fish Leong continues her success in the KTV charts.

Singer Ding Dang followed the footsteps of her senior Fish Leong, as her song "Cai Bu Tou " (猜不透) made its way up in the KTV charts.  Her new songs "I love him" and  "Why are you lying" are also gaining popularity with the success of idol drama "Autumn's Concerto".  Ding Dang seems to be on her way to be the next queen of ballads.

Top 10 of the year from Cashbox and Holiday.

News source: UDN
Translations: PA

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