Anson Releases “Unemployment Love Song”, Feels for Young People’s Economic Slump

Veteran Chinese singer Anson Hu is releasing his latest album for an all-Asia release on December 8. In order to promote his latest album, Anson met with the media in Shanghai and approached them with his “resignation letter.” Initially startling the media after the release of his new song directly translated as “Unemployment Love Song”, they soon discovered it was only a cover of his disc printed as a “resignation letter.” The media was not alone in falling victim to the publicity stunt, as the boss of Anson’s music label was also startled by the stunt as well.

In regards to the debut song off his new album, Anson said that he wrote the song in regard to the financial crisis striking Asia. The crisis, which affected his friends and former classmates, with some being unemployed and others losing not just their jobs but also their relationships, drove Anson by impulse to write a song about it. He wanted to share their similar experiences with people through the song so that they can gain the strength to persevere.

In addition to releasing his new track off his new album, Anson also filmed for its MV. Shot mostly in the business district of Neihu, the filming locations overlooks the district’s famed Miramar Entertainment Park shopping mall and carousel, the streets of its various office building locations, as well as sight of the skyscrapers of downtown Taipei off in the distance that can be seen from Neihu.

You can check out the MV of Anson’s powerful ballad below, courtesy of the awesome as usual urasianSourceCpop. If you missed out on Anson’s previous music, you can also check out his previous album tracks’ "Waiting for You" (2004), "Desire" (2006), and "Karaoke Men" (2007) as a crash course to his successful music career since his debut in 2002.

Anson Hu's New "Unemployment Love Song" MV:

Anson Hu's 2007 Hit Song "Karaoke Men" MV:

Anson Hu's 2006 Hit Song "Desire" MV:

Anson Hu's 2004 Hit Song "Waiting for You" MV:

Source: sina, urasiansourceCpop

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