Anson Hu Bakes Cookies with Fans, Appreciates Fan-made “Boobs” Cake

With the release of his new album earlier this month, veteran Chinese pop singer Anson Hu has been busy engaging in album promotions. The debut song off his latest album titled “Unemployment Love Song” is currently making its rounds, which Anson wrote in response to the current economic slump that is affecting his friends and former classmates. In addition to his new song, Anson also hoped to use his actions to encourage his fans by making them “good luck” cookies!

Anson expressed that a large number of his fans grew up with his music. “They listened to my songs from middle school to college and on to the workplace. With the economic downturn now, many of these young people born after the 1980s are facing enormous pressures at work or as being unemployed.” In response, Anson hopes the “good luck” cookies represent a bit of blessings and hope, albeit a small gesture, but that they still could still live joyfully and happily.

Although it’s his first time making homemade cookies, Anson was absolutely geared up to make the best cookies he could make for his fans. He specifically invited two famous chefs from Australia to help oversee and guide the process. Meanwhile, Anson also invited fans to come and make the “good fortune” cookies with him, in order to encourage his fans faced with the pressures of life, but to also share their cookies with others to bring happiness and joy.

Anson expressed that being someone also born after the 1980s, he was convinced that his young generation faced numerous challenges brought by the financial crisis. He also further added that although his generation was often called a lost generation before, that he believes that they have made outstanding contributions to society and will also persevere and eventually succeed from this financial mess.

Both Anson and his fans encouraged each other making these “good luck” cookies and produced a warm batch on site that day. A particular “episode” though almost caught Anson off-guard, as the famous singer was given good tidings from a fan in the form of a “boobs” cake, whom expressed that she was a fan of Anson for many years. The fan also said that she still hadn’t found love yet, but that after listening to his recently released “Unemployment Love Song”, that she was deeply moved and hoped to find the right career and person to love. Furthermore, the fan also hoped that Anson would find his own idea significant other, which is why she made the cake to spark “double-peaked” success.


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