Annual income short of Jay Chou's, Wang Leehom says performance is insufficient

The annual income statistics of singers have come out and Jay Chou leads happily with NT$5.5 hundred million. Pursuing close behind is Wang Leehom of the same field stretching across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Little Big Soldier (大兵小將), where he plays a leading role, will screen next year in theaters and will once again meet with Jay Chou's The Treasure Hunter (刺陵). Wang Leehom subtly made the analogy that the two men were like the industry market leaders, Apple and Microsoft -- It is hard to avoid comparison and competition is completely normal. His high E.Q.(T/N: Emotional Intelligence) came out as he also humbled himself by saying that his "performance is insufficient."

Wang Leehom attended an endorsement activity yesterday and expressed that earning money is not his objective. Otherwise, he would not spend so much time doing things that do not earn money such as environmental protection and participating in Famine 30 (T/N: World Vision Event) resulting in a lot of candle burning (T/N: working at night) for his movie and music. He has very little time to spend with his family; He hopes that he will do better next year.

Presently, Little Big Soldier's theme song is sang by Jackie Chan. Wang Leehom said, "Let older brother sing it so he he won't always be singing "Understand My Heart" (明明白白我的心). Haha." However, he has also been influenced by Jackie Chan and has listened to many Teresa Teng songs during this half-year of filming. When inspiration hit him, he wrote a new song arranged as a duet. "I was reproducing the sound, but the technique aspect was a bit difficult. However, given the opportunity this time, I have finally become acquainted with her sweet and exquisite singing." The new song will be seeing the light for the first time at the turn of the year.

There was not enough time this year to produce an album, thus he will be unable to participate in the contention for the Golden Melody Awards. Wang Leehom makes an emphasis on the quality of the music first and does not feel that it is a pity. When he heard about other companies turning down sign-ups for the Golden Melody Awards, he felt surprised and empathetically said, "Our company would not do such a thing. Even if the regulations were inadequate, it shouldn't be like this -- the music circle should be a bit more united."

Leehom comes out for an endorsement and speaks about his current situation:

Leehom's wish for 2010: to spend more time with family and friends:

Source: UDN

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