Angelic voice of Kym (Jin Sha) featured on “The Myth” drama soundtrack!

In 2005, perennial superstar starred In a blockbuster movie titled “The Myth”. This summer action blockbuster, which was shot in Hong Kong, China, and India to the tune of US$15 million, had the famed actor star as a modern-day archaeologist reincarnated as a Qin-dynasty Chinese general.

Disregarding the silly temporal sci-fi thriller elements of the film, Jackie must relive his previous life’s experiences that task him with protecting a beautiful Korean princess in the past while locating a mystical sword in modern-day India. While the film itself was unevenly paced and was highly flawed in execution, its novel international aspects that incorporate Korean and Indian subplots at least kept the movie from being a complete failure in the eyes of critics.

With 2010 just around the corner, the story of “The Myth” gets a second chance, this time under the acting younger actor Hu Ge and expanded out as a drama series. With word of this new series, there was hope that the second iteration would salvage the great plot elements (e.g., the novel international cultural concept) while dropping the confusing ones (e.g., the temporal sci-fi elements).

Instead, the upcoming drama decides to ax the original movie concept entirely except for the title’s name and the reincarnated concept. With such a drastic change, it’s anyone’s guess what direction this new Chinese drama will take. What is definitely certain though is that the drama's musical score will be set to the angelic voice of Mandopop singer Kym (Chinese name: 金莎 Jin Sha).

The female singer is no stranger to the Mandpop scene, having released four full-length albums as well as being additionally famous for her duet with fellow Ocean Butterflies labelmate JJ Lin, whom himself released an outstanding album earlier this month.

The new song, titled “星月神話 Xing Yue Shen Hua” (trans: star and moon myth), features Kym’s angelic voice with a heavenly accompaniment of harps, flutes, cellos, and an orchestrated backdrop. This is definitely a beautiful tune that hasn’t given off that wonderful feeling of goose bumps since perhaps Huang Sheng Yi’s “The Mute Girl Theme” from Stephen Chow’s box office hit “Kung Fu Hustle”.

Whether the drama series version of “The Myth” rids itself of its flop label that the movie received is up to its actors and writing cast, but after listening to Kym’s featured theme of the upcoming drama series, it’s at least a step in the right direction.

Check out Kym (Jin Sha)’s latest track for “The Myth” soundtrack, courtesy of the phenomenal urasiansourceCpop! And if you would like more information on the upcoming drama, head over to cfensi's blog to get your movie info fix!

Kym (Jin Sha)’s 星月神話 Track:

Source: urasiansourceCpop, cfensi

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