Alien Huang’s upcoming track confirmed to be “Toy Guns and Roses”

With the release of Alien Huang’s new album “Love Hero” several days ago, Alien has the task of selecting one of his songs to promote. With both a music video teaser and a commercial film already released, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Alien’s first track that he will be promoting off his rock album will be “Toy Guns and Roses”.

The track, which further solidifies the direction of Alien’s rock star aspirations, gives off more commercial nu rock appeal than his punk rock song “Gui Hun” (trans: to mess around) that he performed live and on variety shows earlier this summer, but it should appeal to his female friends that prefer the radio-friendly mainstream hits than his Taiwanese hard rock contemporaries that haven’t fared as well.

Alien's full-length MV hasn't been released yet, but you can check out his latest MV teaser, CF, and audio track preview below, courtesy of rolling0123 and HelleyNguyen!

MV teaser:


Audio Track Preview:

Source: rolling0123, HelleyNguyen

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