Alien Huang’s Most Romantic Love Song in the World?

With the debut of Xiao Gui (Alien Huang)’s new album on December 18, another song has been released following the track that he has collaborated with Mayday’s Ah Shin and Monster on.

This latest song from the lesser famous but still quite famous of the duo famous of the Taiwanese variety show 100% Entertainment, is titled “The Most Romantic Love Song in the World”. Despite what the title implies, it does not really lay claim to being the most romantic song ever, but is more of an emotional rock song of love that talks about such a song to one’s love.

The moving rock song is, which is set to appear in his album “Love Hero 愛&英雄”, continues to follow the rock style that Xiao Gui established in songs released earlier this year. Whether Xiao Gui will achieve the kind of fame for mainstream rock that his fellow 100% Entertainment Show Luo has achieved for mainstream R&B and hip-hop remains to be seen, but if the aspiring rock star keeps it up, he’ll be on the right track.

Check out Xiao Gui’s latest song below and see if this moving rock song gives off that romantic feel, courtesy of kay20xx!

Xiao Gui (Alien Huang)'s "The Most Romantic Love Song in the World" Track:

Source: kay20xx

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