Alien Huang’s full-length MV “Toy Guns and Roses” released!

Yesterday, Taiwanese musician and current 100% Entertainment co-host Alien Huang (real name: Huang Hong Sheng 黃鴻升) released his first full-length MV for "Toy Guns and Roses" off his recently released "Love Hero" album. While Alien is not new to the music scene, his genre shift to rock music is, especially given his past associations with now-defunct boy band Cosmo and his previous hit duet song with Genie Cho on "The Melody of Love". You can't deny that singer/entertainer Alien really wants to drop his previous pop music associations for a more manly rock dude label, especially with the Linkin Park-esque music style (sans rap) and the title’s indirect reference to famous American rock band Guns ‘N Roses (intentional or not) for the latest track.

The latest MV plays it safe by showing slick camera angles of Alien and nameless back-up band members performing said song on a mostly dark-lit stage splashed with bright colors on occasion. There’s really no plot, which is a shame since this song had that feel perfectly suited for a “regretful love” or “why did I break up with you” plot. Hopefully Alien will provide us with one in his next MV outing.

Given the news hype on Alien’s collaboration with Mayday’s Ah Shin and Monster on another song on the track titled “搞砸了 Gao Peng Le” (trans: screwed up), it’s surprising that Alien decided to release “Toy Guns and Roses” first. It could have simply been a tactical move on Alien’s part to legitimize his new rock star status with his Mayday associations, while also releasing the song with the most “debut song” effect. It’s a good move on his part, and perhaps it also guarantees that the Mayday-collaborated song will get its own MV in the near future as well.

Alien’s doing quite well in establishing his rocker status, especially in a market where mainstream Mandorock is rare. And with the release of his first full album, perhaps fellow 100% Entertainment co-host Show Luo will stop making fun of Alien for not having a full album since his boy band days with Cosmo.

Don’t miss out on Alien’s growing transition to rocker! Check out Alien’s latest MV “Toy Guns and Roses” courtesy of the consistently amazing urasiansourceCpop!

Alien Huang's "Toy Guns and Roses":

Source: urasiansourceCpop

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