Alien Huang gets "molested" by female guests on 100% Entertainment

In the December 12 airing of Taiwanese variety television show 100% Entertainment, the entertainer with musical aspirations Alien Huang (Xiao Gui) appeared as the program's main guest to promote the December 18th release of his upcoming rock album “Love Hero”. Since Xiao Gui also co-hosts of the madly popular variety show, the adorably hyper Butterfly filled in as guest co-host in his place.

The recent episode featuring Xiao Gui first introduced audiences to two of his close friends, whom fellow co-host mainstay Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) interrogated by asking them if Alien has a girlfriend. After replying "no", Alien made his grand entrance into the program. When asked by Show the same question given to his close friends, Alien similarly responded "no" in response, which Show humorously responded somewhat disappointingly with “Correct!”

Shortly after that exchange, Show introduced the theme of that day's episode by introducing three girls that were also single, in an attempt to hopefully hook Xiao Gui up with a lovely lady, as well as ending his streak as a bachelor since his break-up with famous saccharine pop singer Rainie Yang from many years before. The three female guests, consisting of a hot girl reminiscent of Tiffany Xu and Alice Huang, a cute girl that’s a cross of Genie Cho and Rainie Yang, and a rocker girl who modeled her hair and clothes after Alien, were tasked with various activities to try to win Alien’s heart.

In one of the highlights, Show has Alien stand still while each of the female guests take turns wearing eye covers, in order to locate three ping pong balls hidden by Show in Alien’s clothes in the fastest time. The game segment started off innocently as the first girl feels up Alien’s top half to find the ping pong balls, but things turn hilarious once she tried to locate the ping pong balls on Alien’s lower half while avoiding any accidental groping of Alien’s little friend.

Show looked on in envy as the second girl searched in odd places, like Alien’s ear, in order to locate the ping pong balls. By the time it was the third girl's turn, Show tried to hide the ping pong balls on himself in hopes of being "molested" himself instead of Alien, which failed miserably. In one funny line, the last girl asked indirectly whether it was weird to kneel in front of Alien’s crotch, which Show retorted with, "Of course not!". The last ping pong ball-finding attempt ended up being the wackiest, as Show freaks out whenever the girl’s hand approaches Alien’s crotch.

After that segment, Alien will probably remember that moment as one of the more awkward and happier moments on the program. But don’t take our word for it. Relive the hilarity below and get a good laugh out of Alien’s expense below, with source video courtesy of sugoideas!

Source: sugoideas

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