Alien Huang gets himself in a jam in latest “Screwed Up” MV!

A girl working at her office job receives a text message from her loving boyfriend on Facebook, asking her to come home early to meet up. Excited at what he has planned, the girl comes back home, only to find her loving boyfriend shirtless with a beautiful female stranger wrapped in nothing but a bath towel. If you were in that girl’s situation, how would you react?

(a) Laugh at your boyfriend’s predicament, knowing that there’s a perfect good explanation.
(b) Get shocked initially, but calm down and try to figure out the misunderstanding.
(c) Throw your keys at your boyfriend’s face and leave in a tearful fit.

If you answered (c), then you are…wait, what? Who would answer (c)? What guy in their right mind would call their girlfriend to meet early, only to get purposely caught with a girl wrapped in a bath towel? Apparently, the female character in Alien Huang’s latest MV ”搞砸了 Gao Za Le” (trans: screwed up) thought that. As the girl sits in her office job pissed off at her boyfriend on a complete misunderstanding, poor Alien’s character is left screwed over at his mishap that led to that very situation.

Because obviously, Alien was a tragic victim of his circumstances, such as:
  • the person delivering the cake order happens to be a very beautiful girl
  • a stray banana peel happens to be lying near his front door in an otherwise extremely clean house
  • said beautiful girl happens to feel the need to take a step forward right on ill-placed banana peel to get Alien’s character to sign something
  • same said girl happens to strip naked to shower and then proceeds to wander around house wrapped in bath towel around a male stranger’s house
  • Alien’s character felt the need to take off his shirt without changing into a new one immediately
There’s of course a perfectly adequate explanation for the behaviors of all the characters in the MV: they’re all clinically retarded. But in the end, it’s merely a digression in what is otherwise an entertaining MV, albeit for unintentional reasons, for an equally enjoyable song, which is itself no accident. The tune is the product of collaborating with Ah Shin and Monster of legendary Taiwanese rock band Mayday, and the end result is a relaxing rock piece that fits quite nicely to Alien’s vocals.

It’s true that Alien’s second MV off his “Love Hero” album adds depth with a plot that was completely absent in his album debut track “Toy Guns and Roses”. It’s also true that MV plots tend to require some suspension of belief in order to appreciate the limited amount of time a plot can be told. But Alien’s latest MV does require us to suspend our belief more than the suspension strength of the Golden Gate Bridge. At least we’re not subjected to half the main characters dying in the end like in your typical K-pop ballad MV.

A great song, nonetheless. The MV's not too shabby either, despite its...quirks. Just make sure that you don't overthink about what's going on, or else you might be left wondering, "Who the heck just goes around leaving banana peels lying around?"

Witness Alien Huang getting himself out of a jam in the plot of his latest rockin’ MV, courtesy of awesome YouTube channel mengsion!

Alien Huang’s “搞砸了” MV:

Source: mengsion

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