AK to be on CTV’s New Year Show

New boy group, AK, is composed of Andy Chen and Kris Chen, who both debut as solo singers well trained in dancing. Although many shows express interest in inviting AK to be special guests, AK has been put into extensive training and won’t appear before our eyes until December 31st on CTV’s New Year countdown show. Andy and Kris will be dressed in Changshan and will showcase a series of talents that includes performing with martial arts sticks and Opera masks. Some comments that the group is too feminine, but manager Ben explains, “AK presents a handsome and pretty boy image. The goal is to become a new generation pretty boy group.”

AK reveals that their performance on CTV’s New Year show will be 25 minutes long. It will be a warm up to their scheduled concert in March of next year after releasing their album. Costing almost NT$1 hundred thousand, the show will contain a 30 seconds Opera masks performance as well as a live band on set, hoping to make the New Year event an entertaining one.

AK, having only been established for ten days, has already done a commercial for Man’s Shop clothing. They keep themselves busy every day as their manager schedules many training classes so that they can master their skills in a short period of time and dazzle in front of everyone’s eyes at the end of the year.

News source: Chinatimes

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