Action trailer for “14 Blades” out, Wu Chun still looks like pirate

It has been well over a month since there have been major developments on news of the all-star casted “14 Blades” action flick, but that has changed with the release of an “action” trailer of the Chinese period flick was released online yesterday. What makes this particular trailer an “action” one is the lack any of voiceover describing the plot or hyping up the movie’s ‘epic-ness’ that is one usually expects to hear for blockbuster-caliber action movies. Sorry, no Mr. Movie Voice this time around.

Instead, the new trailer basically shows highlights of the movie without really giving too much away. We get to see short snippets of each of the major cast members of the movie, ranging from veteran action star Donnie Yen in the beginning, wide-eyed beauty Vicki Zhao around the middle, and international superstar actor Sammo Hung near the end. And there’s Wu Chun, who’s sporting the braided hair and bandana look that still looks more at home on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean” than a Chinese period flick such as “14 Blades”.

Since this ‘action’ trailer is simply preview of scenes from the movie stringed together, expect to see a more traditional trailer to be shown in movie theaters soon. In the mean time, enjoy watching Donnie Yen kicking butt and some Wu Chun eye candy in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber yiuyan923!

“14 Blades” full-length trailer:

Source: yiuyan923

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