3 New Tracks from F.I.R's New Album!

The December release of Taiwanese veteran rock trio F.I.R.'s album is drawing near, and for you fans who can't wait to listen to F.I.R.'s rock awesomeness, you can feast your ears on three tracks off their latest album after a two-year hiatus. If you've been wanting the return of F.I.R.'s trademark sound, you won't be disappointed! Mad props to both urasianSourceCpop and kay20xx for their upload goodness!

The first of the three new tracks is 紀念日 (trans: Memorial Day), a quick-paced rock tune that showcases interludes of electric guitar-strumming and booming drum beats that complement Faye's soaring voice. The second track, 向日葵盛開的夏天 (trans: Summer of Sunflower Bloom), slows things down for more of a ballad effect before it crescendos to a powerful conclusion. The last track of the three, 讓我們一起微笑吧 (trans: Let’s Smile Together), wraps up the variety of songs by featuring a mellow tune which has a calming effect.

And for those of you who missed out on F.I.R.'s debut track for their 2009 release album or were wondering if they still sang power ballads, no worries! We got you covered right here. Don't worry about them disbanding though. Looks like things are all well in the land of Faye and those two guys who aren't named Faye.

Feeling F.I.R.'s new material? Then share your feedback on F.I.R.'s latest rock melodies by leaving a comment below! Don't be shy! :)

F.I.R.’s 紀念日 (trans: Memorial Day) Track

F.I.R.’s 向日葵盛開的夏天 (trans: Summer of Sunflower Bloom) Track

F.I.R.’s 讓我們一起微笑吧 (trans: Let’s Smile Together) Track

Source: urasianSourceCpop, kay20xx

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