Jeremy Liu’s Haunting Movie Theme “Rose” for Jay Chou’s “Treasure Hunter”

With Jay Chou’s new blockbuster movie “Treasure Hunter” priming for release soon, the movie’s theme has been released several days ago. Sung by music label Warner Music’s “secret weapon” Zi Qian Liu, the new Mandarin song titled “Rose” resonates a haunting tone that captures the bleak environment faced by the main characters in the movie. The song already received acclaim by the movie’s director, as the director immediately included Zi Qian’s song soon after being shocked by the vocals of the song on his first listen.

Coming from a performing arts family, Zi Qian inherited his parents’ musical talent, and later received his parents’ blessing and support for chasing a musical dream. Zi Qian later went to America to study on the stage and music, and possessed both the gift of on-stage performance and music production capabilities. Warner Music has also been regarding Zi Qian on par with Jam Hsiao and Datong Fang, whom were heavily touted newcomers this year.

According to Zi Qian, “Rose” is supposed to capture the “harmony” between Jay Chou and Chi-ling Lin’s characters in the movie. Given the success of Zi Qian’s official debut song, the Chinese singer is in the works of a new album.

Check out the "Treasure Hunter" movie theme yourself, courtesy of UrAsianSourceCpop2!

Zi Qian Liu's "Rose" single from "Treasure Hunter" OST:

Source: UrAsianSourceCpop2

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