Yoga tops sales charts; Crowd and Landy takes second place

At the Golden Melody Awards earlier in June of this year, Yoga Lin was nominated for Best New Artist, but in the end, he lost to Crowd Lu, who sings and composes his own music.  The two of them released their second album on the same week, and Yoga's "Senses Around"  tops both Five Music and G-Music's album sales charts.  Landy Wen's "Dancing Queen" and Crowd Lu's "Seven Days" take second place on each of the album sales charts.

Yoga's idol is Eason Chan, and in "Senses Around," Yoga shows a bit of Eason's singing style in his songs.  Just like his song title, "看見什麼吃什麼" (Eat what you see), his record company celebrated his album sales yesterday by giving Yoga a 10 Kg, 40 inches wide hamburger.  Yoga happily said, "I believe that everyone didn't just spend their money to buy 45 minutes of entertainment, but for something more."

Here's a news clip of Yoga's celebration concert event.  He also expressed that he would not like to comment anymore about the incident he had with a taxi driver.  He did clarify in the news that not all taxi drivers are like the one he met, and that there are a lot of good ones.

Fan cam of Yoga singing "Eat what you see"

Credits: appledaily taiwan, Insulinful, misscomplex100

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