Yoga threatened by Taxi driver

On a radio show last night, Yoga Lin revealed a little incident he had with a Taxi driver.  When he told the driver, "please take me to the building across from here," the driver responded rudely, "You have to say 'U-turn', not 'across'."  Yoga replied instantly, "I used the same term on another ride before and the driver was fine with it."  The driver suddenly turned his head to glare at Yoga and took out something that looked like a screwdriver.  Yoga immediately decided to get off the car, but the driver asked, "so you want to get off to fight me one on one?"   Yoga managed to get off the car after paying, but before he could close the door completely, the driver already headed off.

Thinking back at the incident, Yoga said, "I was so mad that my body started shaking, while thinking what I should do next."  He called the police afterwards, but because the conversation wasn't recorded, nothing could be done.

Yoga has been busy working out lately, and many people believed that it is because he wanted to look better on screen.  However, Yoga revealed that he just wants to increase his ability to defend himself.  He mentioned that his friends had once been robbed during a vacation abroad.  Thus, he advised everyone, "It's important to protect yourself, and don't act rashly."

Other celebs' past incidents with taxi drivers
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rode a taxi after getting drunk, and was robbed $8800 by driver

Ethan Ruan 2009/09
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Qian Shuai Jun 2009/10
Called taxi driver, "lunatic," and got sued

Julia Peng 2009/10
Blogged about the poor service of taxi drivers 

Credit: Appledaily Taiwan, NOWnews

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