Yoga Lin to be in concert with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO)

Yoga Lin is invited by the National Symphony Orchestra to collaborate with them in holding a concert. Yoga, who has just released his second album, “Senses Around,” displaying his unique style, will be the first pop artist to collaborate with the NSO. At the press conference, Yoga showed a taste of the upcoming concert by singing Eason Chan’s “你會不會" (Do you know?) accompanied by a harp.

There will be three concerts held at different venues starting on November 21. Yoga revealed that he picked 8 songs to perform, which includes Luo Da You’s “鹿港小鎮” (The little town called Lugang), David Huang’s “Passion”, Anthony Wong’s “憶苦思甜” (Past sufferings and sweet memories), Cheer Chen’s”溫室花朵” (A Greenhouse flower), and songs of his own: “解High人” (Killjoy) and “殘酷月光” (A Cruel Moon).

Netizens have been criticizing Yoga for being too stiff and emotionless in his performance at Miss Asia. Will Yoga redeem himself here?

Here's a clip of Yoga singing Eason Chan's "你會不會" (Do you know?)

Credit: UDN news

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