Xiao Gui once took his girlfriend to a motel

Xiao Gui playing SM with sexy doll. 

Yesterday, Xiao Gui and his (Alien Huang) record company arranged a party at a motel room with the fans to help promote his upcoming album.  Xiao Gui revealed that when he was 18, he took his girlfriend at the time to a motel.  In order to create a romantic atmosphere, he asked his girlfriend to go shower, while he dressed up as a swat team member.  He held a toy gun and hid inside the closet so that when his girlfriend came out from the bathroom, he would jump out to scare her.

The media suspected Rainie Yang as the girlfriend, but Xiao Gui immediately clarified, “It’s not her!”  From our understanding, Rainie was 16 when she dated Xiao Gui, who was a year older than then her.  They broke up after Rainie debut in showbiz.    Thus, Xiao Gui’s girlfriend at the time was most likely not Rainie.  Unfortunately, this could not be verified as both Rainie and her manager flew to America yesterday to be a special guest at Show Luo’s concert.

Source: Chinatimes

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