Jacky Xue Begins "My Athena" Promotions

With a live concert performance, three album releases, and numerous musical awards under his belt, 26-year old mainland Chinese singer Jacky Xue (薛之謙) is not exactly a stranger to the music scene. In preparation for a late November release of his fourth album, Jacky Xue started promotions for a new single titled “My Athena”.

The new single, which has a slightly mellow dance club feel to it, contrasts quite a bit from his previous single promoted in September titled “Incomplete Song”, a much more ballad tune that was still holding in the top ten in last week’s Baidu Chinese Music Charts. The different styles of Jacky’s two songs released in this half of the year gives a glimpse the variety that Jacky says that he hopes to aim for in his upcoming album.

With promotions for his previous ballad song completed, Jacky started promotions for his more rhythmic single with a stage performance on mainland Chinese music show Wo Xing Wo Show. You can check out both his recorded performance and listen to the entire track of his “My Athena” song below (courtesy of UrAsianSourceCpop).

"My Athena" stage performance:

"My Athena" track:

Credit: 163.com, ynet.com, Baidu, UrAsianSourceCpop

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