Winner Recaps from WAHSBBT’s 10/25-26 Episode

Many of you may have already seen video segments of the WAHSBBT crew performing dance renditions of Korean and Japanese songs by K-pop idols. For those of you who missed out on that, you can click here to check out what you’ve been missing.

Getting back on track, the theme of that recent WAHSBBT episode was to see which WAHSBBT member could pull off the most entertaining dance performance of their favorite idol. For those of you who didn’t watch the full episodes, here are the top three winners of those performances by the judges. The first should come to no surprise to many, but the second and third may be new to some of you.

Regardless of whether you saw them or not, these videos are definitely a blast to watch. Hope you guys liked them as much as we do.

1st Place: Wei Yu, for his G-Dragon performance

2nd Place: Hu Ya, for his Michael Jackson performance

3rd Place: Yong Tu, for her Britney Spears performance

Source: sugoideas

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