Will Pan Uses His Butt to Write in the Air

A couple days ago, Will Pan went on Channel[V]’s “Wo Ai Hei Se Bang Bang Tang (WAHSBBT)” to promote his upcoming concert, and in the process had some crazy fun with his fans. Will's appearance on WAHSBBT not only involved sharing drinks with his fans, but also doing some serious butt shaking, as well as applying lipstick on a lucky fan. The whole audience had non-stop hilarious fun and was laughing like mad.

For the first challenge, Will, some fans, and the show’s young cast were split into three teams of four to see who can drink a pitcher of cola the fastest, with avid cola drinker Will and his team able to gulp down the entire pitcher in less than twenty seconds. After finishing the game, Will noticed that there was still some cola left in the pitcher and didn’t want to waste it, so he tried to sip the rest of the cola. The show’s host Blackie then rushed to stop Will and said, “That’s the backwash (leftover spit) that came from your teammate’s straws!”, which shocked Will to spit it out.

The second challenge involved using their butts to write something in the air. Will claimed that he had strong limbs and volunteered himself to shake his butt. But since he went to school in America, he wasn’t very familiar with Chinese characters, and was afraid that his teammates wouldn’t be able to read his writings. While on the platform, Will moved his butt just like a brush and butt-stroked the characters in the air deliberately slow. While it made it easier for his teammates to guess, it caused his fans to laugh hysterically while watching the whole thing. Will's typical dance moves tend to be rapid and graceful, but seeing him move his butt slowly was a rare sight.

The next one had teams of two, where the person in the back must not look at the teammate’s state while applying lipstick on that person. Then the person wearing lipstick in front must leave a kiss mark on paper to see which team has the prettiest kiss mark. Xiao Jie and Yong Tu were both on the same team, and Xiao Jie deliberately scribbled Yong Tu’s face that made her look like a clown. After Yong Tu saw herself wearing the messy lipstick, she couldn’t help but cry. In order to avoid making the same mistakes the other team made, Will gently and slowly fingered his partnered fan’s lips while he applied lipstick on her. Even though it was hard for Will to avoid going “out of bounds”, the fan left a beautiful red kiss mark, which obviously left Will very pleased.

Don't miss out on the fun that audience had, and be sure to check out the video below of Will's hilarious appearance, courtesy of sugoideas, on WAHSBBT!

WAHSBBT Episode w/ Will Pan (Pt. 1):

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Source: Sina, sugoideas

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