Will Pan prays for love; thinks of Jolin

It will be Will Pan's first time holding a concert at the Taipei Arena next month on the 6th.  In his previous concert tours, there had always been some mishaps.  Thus, for the sake of goodluck, he visited the Lungshan temple even though he is Christian.

At the temple, he came across a group of tourists from Tianjin, China.  Due to Will's popularity in mainland, the tourists immediately shouted, "It's Will Pan!"  And one of the tourists even said to him, "My granddaughter likes you a lot.  Why don't I be your matchmaker?"

But perhaps Will Pan's heart has already been taken.  After Will heard that he could go pray the "Yue Xia Lao Ren" (the God who unites persons in marriage), he immediately asked the staff to take him there.  He received two red strings (which in folklore, are used by Yue Lao to tie two people to unite them for marriage) after praying.  Will was very happy and even joked, "Who could it be?  It can't be Jolin, can it?!"

Here's a news clip of Will

Credit: UDN news

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