Will Pan pranks his fans by posing as Leehom

"Handsome Pan" Will Pan took on the role as a telemarketer to promote the selling of his tickets for his upcoming concert on December 6.  Fans got to talk to Will Pan through the phone, but many didn't dare to believe that it was really him.  Will Pan, who has always been mischievous, tried fooling his fan by saying that he was Wang Leehom.  However, the fan didn't get tricked so easily and even asked Will Pan to sing "龍的傳人" (Descendant of the Dragon) to prove that he is really Leehom.

Will Pan revealed that he personally don't like to talk long on the phone.  Thus, he was nervous when calling the fans.  Will kept drinking Chinese herbal tea to help sooth his throat, while also taking a deep breath to calm his nervousness down before calling the next fan.  Although there have been recent rumors of Will Pan and Genie Cho being together, Will expressed sadly, "I don't have a female friend that I can talk about my feelings to on the phone.  I usually talk to my friends on MSN most of the time."  In order to be able to go on the internet at anytime and anywhere, Will even got himself a data phone, where the staff made fun at his addiction to technology.

In order to have a fitter body, and also to avoid being unable to do the "360無重力凌空反轉" (zero gravity 360 degree turn in mid-air), Will Pan has put himself on a strict diet.  He even made a NT$10 thousand bet with his stylist, hoping that he can go from 74 Kg to 68 Kg before the concert.  Although Will is constantly reminding himself to eat less and exercise more, the staff loves to eat delicious food in front of him.  Will jokes, "You should just poke me blind!"

Credit: Liberty Times

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