TW-Drama Ratings Review (Nov '09, Week 1)

The first week of November has been interesting In the Taiwanese drama circuit, with the debut of Show Luo and Rainie Yang’s Hi My Sweetheart competing against the similarly goofy drama Momo Love and the more serious romantic drama Autumn’s Concerto. This new entry by Show and Rainie represents an interesting first-time pairing between two performers with similar goofball traits, with crazy performances by Show in his previous Hot Shot drama and with anything with Rainie in it. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll know for sure if the two of them together can replicate the success of their previous hit dramas.

From Top to Bottom: Autumn's Concerto, Hi My Sweetheart, Momo Love

With the debut of Hi My Sweetheart, both Autumn’s Concerto and Momo Love expectedly lost viewership. Autumn’s Concerto is still holding with the top ratings for this week, as the serial moves deeper into the plot, while Momo Love slipped further in the ranks despite the star power of Cyndi Wang and Fahrenheit’s Jiro. Will audiences favoring more comedic fare split fans between Hi My Sweetheart and Momo Love? Or will the growing seriousness of Autumn’s Concerto shift audiences to take a look at these lighter-toned dramas? Stay tuned next week.

Drama Ratings for November 1, 2009
1) Autumn's Concerto (SETTV) 3.73
2) Hi My Sweetheart (CTS) 2.19
3) Momo Love (GTV) 1.26


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