Video Highlights of Will Pan's Apperance on WAHSBBT

Several days ago, a post appeared on this site that described Will Pan’s appearance on Taiwanese variety TV show "Wo Ai Hei Se Bang Bang Tang (WAHSBBT)". That post also had a link to the entire 45-minute episode, which can be found on sugoideas. The video is long for those who just want to see the interesting Will Pan segments and for those who don't know Chinese. So if there those of you who just want to see the highlights of that show that feature Will Pan, you can check out the video segments below.

Will Pan’s “Shuang Ren Wu” Performance
To start off the show, Will gave a shortened version of his dance ballad “Shuang Ren Wu” off his 2009 album “007”. The English title of that song, interestingly enough, is called “Pas de Deux”, which is French for “Dance for Two”. The song was hugely popular when it came out earlier this year, and it’s definitely worth listening to the full-length version.

“Cola Drinking” Challenge
The show consisted of challenge segments for Will, fans, and the show’s young cast to participate in. This particular challenge involved teams of four competing to see who could drink a pitcher of cola the fastest. Since Will is known to being an avid cola drinker, he seemed more than happy to participate in this game. His team lost badly though.

“Butt Writing in Air” Challenge
The next challenge required teams of three to work together in figuring out Chinese characters drawn in the air…with their butts. One member does the butt-writing, while the other two try to guess from the butt-motions. Since Will went to school in America, the host Blackie thought that Will’s Chinese writing would suck. Fortunately, the characters were easy enough, though they were made more hilarious by Blackie’s hilarious sound effects.

“Lip Stick” Challenge
This challenge involved teams of pairs to apply lipstick to someone. The task was made more difficult with the lip stick receipt having to face away from the lip stick applier. Will was paired with a lucky fan, as the fan had the pleasure of Will rubbing his fingers on her lips. Spicy.

“Song Guessing Game” Challenge
The last challenge is a song guessing game. Since Will was the guest, the songs were all classic songs by him. The trick is for people to guess the song from the person singing the song while gargling water. While Will didn’t have as much face time in this particular challenge, we get to hear Blackie being perverted in at least one part of the segment.

That should cover the highlights of Will’s appearance on WAHSBBT. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Will, since he’s always a hoot whenever he appears in variety shows.

Source: sugoideas

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