No Vic & Mark in “Black & White” Movie?

Mark Chao, the co-lead actor for the massively hit Taiwanese drama “Black & White”, said today that if Vic Chou doesn’t want to be in the movie version of “Black & White”, then he doesn’t either. Mark went on to say, if there’s no “ruffian (black)”, then there’s no “Black & White. ”Mark didn’t play the hero from that show today, but he did play the part as “Store Supervisor Mark” for a convenience store café, personally handing out cups of coffee to ten lucky people at the café’s first day opening.

A shot of Mark Chao and Vic Chou in the drama "Black & White".

After winning “Best New Actor” at the Golden Bell Awards, Mark didn’t defend himself for the continuous negative press coverage he had been receiving, but instead gave a tearful speech during the ceremony. He later jokingly said “If I’m going to fake tears, then I’m also going to fake being handsome a bit.”

Mark also said, “In fact, I have no problems with people who strongly believe in themselves.” He later said that one person he cares about is Vic Chou. After the Golden Bell Awards ceremony, the two lead actors of “Black & White” have been keeping in contact by phone, MSN, and text messaging.

Mark Chao at a recent convenience store café promotional event.

Plans for filming a movie version of “Black & White” are currently in the works. Mark said that before they shoot, he’ll watch the drama version again a 100 times. Regarding Vic turning down the role, Mark said, “If there’s no ruffian (black), how are you going to shoot “Black & White?” Outside sources said that if Vic doesn’t want to be in the movie version, then they’re thinking about removing the “black (ruffian)” part of the original drama’s name. Mark said that he was not aware of anything about that.

Source: China Times

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