Top Combine’s Debut of Inspirational Dance Mix “Qi Tian Da Sheng”

Sophomore group Top Combine recently released the single “Qi Tian Da Sheng” off their album with the same name for their second album debut, with the song being an energetic and inspirational dance mix. The band takes the meaning of the song’s title from the Monkey King’s title in the legendary “Journey to the West” story, in order to encourage young people to have a confident and optimistic attitude in the face of difficulties, learn more about their Chinese culture, and also take pride in their country.

Since their first album “Arrival”, Top Combine’s many achievements in the music industry include numerous awards, their songs “Arrival”, “Cotton Candy”, and many others reaching gold, as well as inspiring their young audience to have noble principles. Furthermore, the group was also one of the few young Chinese artists in recent years to have had chart-topping hits.

The initial idea and the creative team behind the songwriting for the single “Qi Tian Da Sheng” fell under the auspices of Chinese EE-Media, though the actual production of the song was handed over to the band’s South Korean co-managing company Doremi Media. Furthermore, blockbuster producer Pilkang Choi, who has produced songs for groups such as South Korean boy band sensation Big Bang, co-produced Top Combine’s latest album. The first single of the album utilizes flutes, pipa (a four-stringed instrument), as well as other Chinese musical instructions as decorative elements, combining contemporary Western and traditional Chinese musical styles using new ideas.

You can check out Top Combine's track for yourself, courtesy of UrAsianSourceCpop2's channel!

Top Combine's "Qi Tian Da Sheng" (audio only):

Source: Sina, UrAsianSourceCpop2

Pauli's Comment:
When I first saw the image, I thought they were DBSK, haha. Guess they too ditched the spiky hair look for the bowlcut that was popular back in 90s American boy bands. Legimate force in soon-to-be crowded market for the Mandopop boy band scene? Only time will tell.

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