Mandopop Group Top Combine Returns from Training in Korea, Greeted by Hundreds of Fans

Following the success of their debut EP “The Advent” from last year, Mandopop boy band Top Combine kept the momentum going and went back to Korea to concentrate on their next album. Created as a “hybrid” group of Korean and Chinese members, Top Combine was quoted as saying that their goal is to strive to be “the country’s first motivational boy band”. The five-member group, consisting of four Chinese and one Korean, returned to Beijing days earlier from completing their two month-long training in Seoul, and hadn’t even stepped out of the airport before already being greeted by hundreds of loyal fans. “Seraphim” (the group’s fanclub), who were marked in red and carried with them red balloons, uniformly gathered at the capitol’s airport. With the warm and orderly atmosphere of the large number of visitors attracting the attention of the airport, Top Combine’s popularity and appeal became readily evident.

After learning the date of Top Combine’s return to the country, a large number of fans came to the airport very early to eagerly await them. Even though Top Combine’s flight was delayed from its original arrival time, their fans didn’t let up on their fervor for the group. It is known that Top Combine have been actively making preparations for their new album in their trip to Seoul. Not only have they completed recording all their new album tracks and choreography, but they also have the design of their album cover and the shooting of their next MV on their agenda. Although they were working on a tight schedule and were vigorously training in their time in Korea, members of the group have noted on their blog that they’re feeling pretty confident about their new album.

For those of you who missed out on Top Combine's debut last year, you can check out their MVs from their 2008 album below.

Top Combine's "Arrival" MV:

Top Combine's "Cotton Candy" MV:

Source: Yule

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