Taiwanese Entertainers Shadow Their K-pop Counterparts to Perfection

Popular Taiwanese variety show WAHSBBT, and its tradition of showcasing up-and-coming Taiwanese talent, has taken on a K-pop flavor in the past couple of episodes, as the young members of the show emulate dance moves of their Korean counterparts.

The theme of these two recent episodes involved the male and female members to participate in stage performances to song(s) of their choosing. While some members of the show chose songs from American and Japanese artists, half a dozen of the members chose to style their dance renditions to Korean and Japanese songs by K-pop music idols.

The definite highlight of the show was Wei Yu’s energetic dance performance of G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker”, which was also the performance that won Wei Yu the competition from the three judges.

Much like how K-pop artists several years ago got their start from performing renditions of American pop songs before achieving fame, these TW-pop artists look to follow the same formula with their renditions of Korean pop songs. Judging from some of their performances, as well as their vocal performances in previous WAHSBBT episodes, it might just work out.

Check out the six K-pop artist-based dance performances from the WAHSBBT crew and see who your favorite is!

Wei Yu's Dance Performance of G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker":

Tang Guo's Dance Performance of BoA's "Eat You Up" and "Look Who's Talking":

Ye Shou's Dance Performance of Shinee's "Noona is So Pretty (Replay)" and "Ring Ding Dong":

Yu Tu Dance Performance of SNSD's "Genie":

Xiao Ma's Dance Performance of Rain's "I'm Coming" and "Rainism:

Hong Shi's Dance Performance of Big Bang's "Gara Gara Go!":

Source: sugoideas

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