Super Junior-M supports Golden Charts; Hangeng would like to co-act with Jackie Chan the most

SJ-M attends radio station activities, Hangeng (front row, third from left) indicated a wish to co-act with Jackie Chan.

CCTV's Music Radio called The Sound of Music, the worldwide Chinese-language radio and pop music station, voluntarily joined a collaboration -- Global Chinese Golden Charts 全球华语流行金榜, established today in Beijing. Organizers also invited popular boy band Super Junior-M for support, thus making the scene crazy. However, it was a pity that one of the members, Donghae, could not attend due to catching a cold.

When handsome Hangeng appeared, the scene turned into chaos. He revealed that in future, he and the team members will hold album conferences and concerts in Taipei, Nanjing, etc; next year they will even shoot a film. When asked about the role the wants to act in the most, he said, "I want to act in hero-like roles. (Which star do you most want to collaborate with?) I want to collaborate with Older Brother Jackie Chan the most because, from the films that I've seen of his, I think that his martial arts looks really good."

Source: DaHe (November 17th, 2009)

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