Super Idol & One Million Star week 3

On week 1, we reviewed these two shows as they began their new seasons.  One Million Star completed their round 1 elimination last week, while Super Idol is only three quarters done with round 1. So which of these shows have more talents?  It’s still too early to tell.  But we’ll give a recap of this week’s episodes to help you decide which you would like better.

One Million Star

With a new set and a new competing format, host Tao Ching Ying started the show by revealing that the final winner of One Million Star will score a record deal with Sony Music.   Although still far from finals, the show began round 2 in the form of a PK competition between two groups lead by Yuan Wei Ren and Chang Yu. 

As explained in our previous review, each of the four judges picks 12 disciples.  Through a draw, disciples of Yuan Wei Ren’s team will compete against those in Chang Yu’s team, while Kang Kang and Zuo An An’s teams will compete against each other on next week’s episode.

One Million Star takes the more interesting approach, allowing more variations in competing.  Some participants were paired up with others to sing girl-guy duets or two person boy/girl group performances.  Most of these paired up groups added a bit of drama/dance to keep their performances interesting, but sometimes, these kept in the way of singing. 

Nonetheless, it was almost a straight win for Chang Yu’s team, which clearly had better talents and simply gave better performances.  Since Yuan Wei Ren's team lost, contestants in his team faced elimination.  A total of 3 individuals and a two-person girl group were eliminated. 

Super Idol

Super Idol continued into their part 3 of round 1.  At this point, the show is just getting very long.  However, there are still some highlights to mention.   Super Idol gave a brief introduction stating that parts 3 and 4 of round 1 will contain contestants of other nationality.  The show started off by showing clips from the preliminary rounds, where a Chinese-looking guy sang Arirang.  The judges confirmed that the participant is Korean and let him passed although we have yet to hear him sing in Chinese.  Perhaps all the foreign participants made the judges a little dizzy, where Huang Guo Lun suddenly asked a Japanese participant, “Do you know Japanese?”

The most polite contestant was one from Myanmar, which he was almost eliminated in the preliminary rounds.  Judges commented, “It’s your ending tones.  It’s a bit old-styled.  We’re afraid that you won’t make it far.”  The contestant then asked, “Teacher, can I perform my bonus song?”  The judges gave him second chance, but the moment he began singing Aaron Kwok’s 狂野之城” (Wild City), Huang Guo Lun immediately pointed out, “Oh, that’s Ai Cheng’s song!”  The contestant apologized right away, “I’m sorry Teacher, I can choose another song,” making Huang Guo Lun a little embarrassed.  Huang Guo Lun explained, “No, no, you can sing the song.  I just meant that Ai Cheng loves this song.”  The contestant’s politeness definitely won the judges over as he passed the preliminary round.

Clips from preliminary rounds

One controversial contestant that needs mentioning is Wu Wen Fang, who had participated in Super Idol’s season 2 as a group (Baby Face) and achieved 5th place.  Wu Wen Fang comes back on Season 4 as a solo singer.  Judges assure that they will judge her the same way as judging all other participants.  However, whether this is fair or not, everyone will have their different opinions.

Wu Wen Fang's performance at 6:52 of clip

The ratings between One Million Star and Super Idol continue to stay in close proximity of each other where they’re 2.09 and 2.32% respectively after this week. 

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