Stealing Jay Chou's woman; Ah Shin embraces Patty Hou tightly in the middle of the night

Patty Hou (left) nestles in Ah Shin's embrace to shoot commercial, appearing particularly sweet.

Mayday steals Jay Chou's woman? Lead singer, Ah Shin, collaborates in a commercial with Patty Hou for the first time acting as onscreen lovers. Taking a walk in the middle of the night with a feeling of excitement, hand in hand, Patty Hou nestles in Ah Shin's embrace blinding others with their bright light. Not only did Ah Shin not avoid arousing suspicion by collaborating with Jay Chou's old flame, he even boated that that he will enter for the Oscar's best commercial award. The staff cried out, "We can't take it anymore!"

Together, the Sagittarius Ah Shin and Patty Hou, acted out an ambiguous relationship between good friends. Even though it is their first time collaborating, on the outside they seemed like quite a compatible couple. When filming, Ah Shin suddenly put on a cut act and stuck out his tongue causing Patty Hou to laugh out loud. About the collaboration of the singers, Patty Hou expressed that it was chosen to film the commercial in the middle of the night making the two night owls especially excited. She quipped, "I laughed too boldly, it was practically as manly as Ah Shin's [laugh]."

Mayday will be holding a concert on December 5th in Kaohsiung World Games Main Stadium. Ah Shin invited Patty Hou to go and watch. Patty Hou also happily responded that, if she did not have work that day, she will definitely be at the scene with get in high spirits with Mayday.

Adorable Commercial w/ Patty and Ah Shin (thanks PA!):

 Source: UDN

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