SJ-M goes on Happy Camp

Super Junior M, the 7-member group consisting of Han Geng, Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Henry, Ryeowook, and Zhou Mi, appeared on Happy Camp to promote their newly released mini album, “Super Girl.” Besides performing their latest singles, SJ-M brought a lot of laughter to the crowd with their physical humor – from kung fu parody to playing musical chairs. The 2-hour long show definitely received a satisfactory response from SJ-M fans.

The group examined the needle-bed to determine if it was real after the Kung Fu parody

Henry loses during a game of musical chairs

Kyuhyun, who has been known as a horrible dancer, was put on the spotlight to show his “Gee” dance. He reluctantly danced as the music begun, and luckily, Ryeowook came to the rescue to give Gee a big finish. All the other members had their fair share of embarrassment.

Due to the language barrier of SJ-M’s Korean members, Han Geng kept himself busy throughout the whole show, acting as a translator as well as representing the group as the leader. Apart from playing games and acting out made-up scenarios, Zhou Mi, Henry, and Ryeowook revealed what wrongdoing they had done to another member of the group. Although forgiveness was given, the guilty trio was still given some hard butt slapping from the other members.

Highlights of SJ-M on Happy Camp:

Credit:, nek0mocha

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