Show Luo the 100% Entertainment Guru

The cast of Hi! My Sweetheart made their way on 100% Entertainment’s 100% entertainment guru today. Since Show Luo is the regular host of 100% Entertainment, Xiao Tian Tian was invited to substitute his place.
After the first segment, Show was an obvious lead, while Lee Wei had to take the punishment of wearing fake nose hair and beard as he ended in last place, where Rainie Yang teased, “If you had questions in regards to politics, or stuff like economics and finance, he would do very well. He’s not that interested in our child-games.”

Round 2 was questions based on watching a video, where it was Show dominating the scores again. Since the hosts felt bad for Lee Wei, who was still at 0 points, they gave him the opportunity to imitate Michael Jackson’s dance to get 10 points (as the question was based on Michael Jackson). Lee Wei made an attempt to imitate MJ’s pelvic thrust move, but since he was no dancer, it ended up being a humorous act. Lee Wei laughed, “For Hi! My Sweetheart, I’ll do anything (even humiliating himself).”

Part 2 of round 2 consisted of guessing the star/thing according to news events/links that happened to him or her. The questions sure got everyone thinking. In the drama name question, the following linkages were given: 1) Xiao Gui, 2) 4-member group, 3) School, 4) Used to be on bad terms, and 5) A tough female character. Show initially guessed “Corner With Love,” while Rainie guessed, “Pi Li MIT.” Show won by changing his answer to, “Hi! My Sweetheart.” He explained, “Xiao Gui and….(Rainie) were classmates. I used to be in a group. I used to be on bad terms with Rainie.” Rainie immediately scored the next question for guessing a boy band after the first two links were given: 1) Long and short, 2) Toast, where she guessed Lee Wei’s former group, WeWe (Lee Wei had long hair and Lin You Wei had short hair.  Lee Wei was in a drama called, "Toast boy's love").

The final round was to reenact a scene from Hi! My Sweetheart, where Rainie won everyone’s vote as the best actress. However, it was not enough to change the results around. Show was the clear winner with a total of 260 points. Rainie ended in second with 110 points.

Watch Lee Wei dance @7:50

Credit: Sugoideas

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