Show Denies Friction With Vanness, Maintains Close Friendship

On November 17, entertainers such as Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart) and Cheryl Yang (My Queen) were invited to attend a ceremony for a fashion magazine in Taipei’s Ambassador Hotel. While the two of them were in attendance, reporters had the opportunity to ask a variety of questions to the two famous Taiwanese entertainers.

It was announced some time ago that “My Queen” lead actress Cheryl Yang was invited to perform with Elva Hsiao at her New Year’s Eve concert. When asked about her invitation, Cheryl initially expressed that the specific details still have not been finalized. But Cheryl added that according to Elva, the New Year’s Eve concert will be the most important thing to her besides her wedding day, and that the both of them will put on a great performance that will cause the audience to feast their eyes.

For Show Luo, the main lead in “Hi Miss Sweetheart”, his drama took a ratings plunge in the face of Vanness Wu’s “Autumn’s Concerto” and its highest rating in the series so far. When Show was asked by the media whether he felt any hostility between him and Vanness over the ratings game, Show calmly responded that he had just sent a short text message to Vanness. Show also stated that he hopes that he and Vanness will not get affected by various news reports that are trying to stir controversy between the two of them, and then later added that the two of them will continue to maintain their friendship.

Source: Funqie

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