Shin: “Hong Kong music copies from everywhere”

Shin, who has just released his new album, Shin 2009, held his press conference on November 19. At the press conference, Shin unexpectedly made the comment, “Hong Kong does not have a music industry, but only showbiz,” implying that Hong Kong music mostly copies from other people and lacks originality. Shin expressed that Hong Kong’s music industry needs to work harder. Out of the current singers of Hong Kong, Shin expressed that Eason Chan is the only one he respects. However, he also made clear that Eason is not a composing artist. Shin’s comments definitely made his record company nervous, but it was too late to stop Shin from speaking out his views.

Shin then revealed that he doesn’t like making friends within Showbiz as he believes that it would be hard to avoid taking advantage of the other person or vice versa. Shin’s strong belief in this could be because he was followed by the paparazzis before where pictures of him and ex-girlfriend, Yuni Li, were taken. Shin only admits to having Joe Cheng as his friend from Showbiz.

Source: Chinatimes

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