Rumored couple Genie Cho and Will Pan goes on One Million Singer

Just this past weekend, both Will Pan and Genie Cho appeared on One Million Singer. It was Genie’s 5th time on the show, where she joked with host Harlem Yu, “My record has had its highs and lows. My best was passing 7 stages and my lowest was not even passing the initial round.” As Genie has been a frequent guest on the show, the show prepared the category, “VIP benefits,” for her. Genie picked her first debut single, “Missing home,” and the show specially prepared a picture of her first album cover, where Will Pan laughed, “Girls change after growing up. She looks just like a boy in that photo.” The embarrassment sure affected Genie a bit, as she gave in and used one of her help lines to get through the first level. In the end, Genie didn’t get pass level 5 as she ran out of help lines near the beginning.

Will’s good friend, JR, did not forget to help promote Will’s upcoming concert on December 6, as he constantly reminded the viewers throughout the whole show. To prove that they were real buddies, JR challenged Will Pan’s “Tell Me.” The fill in the blanks stopped at part of the rap, “偏偏這種夜晚就是這麼叫好” (A night like this happens to be so good). Just when JR had come up with an answer, Will suddenly hinted that with his level of Chinese, the use of words should be simple. JR tried filling in the blanks again and commented, “This phrase should be very easy. It shouldn’t be hard and I don’t think there are any tricks to it.” Will replied, “Hey, I had to search the dictionary for a long time to write this.”

Will Pan was last to challenge the stage. In the first round, he chose to sing Leehom’s “Loving you is loving me” and revealed that he sang one of Leehom’s song during a singing contest before. Will, who has always loved to fool around, imitated Aaron Kwok while singing Aaron’s greatest hit, “對你愛不完’ (Can’t stop loving you). Will also received some help from his past on-screen partner, Du Shi Mei (Lu Xiao Man) which brought back some fond memories of the popular series, 麻辣鮮師 (Spicy Teacher), where Will played the character named, Money. Although receiving many help from fans and guests on the show, Will did not pass level 4.

JR singing Will Pan's "Tell Me" (ffwd to 8 min):

Genie Cho round:

Part 2

Will Pan round (ffwd to 6:58):

Credit: sugoideas

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