Rainie kisses Show agressively; Fans in tears

The filming of "Hi! My Sweetheart" takes place at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou.  As expected, every time a filming goes on in the school area, the crew is surrounded by fans...and mainly Show Luo's "wives" (Show calls his fans as his wives).

Rainie Yang, who plays a hot tempered and tough character, has several kissing scenes with Show.  As scripted, her character would often take the initiative and kiss Show (aggressively).  Since Rainie and Show have been long time friends, there's no shyness in kissing.  However, Rainie sure felt the jealousy of Show's fans during one of the filming.  The moment she kissed Show, fans who crowded around the scene screamed and some even started crying.  Rainie quickly apologized for "stealing" a kiss from Show.  Show immediately comforted his fans, "Be good, husband is only filming a drama here.  Please don't hate Cheng Lin (Rainie) because of this."  The fans gradually calmed down and showed acceptance to Rainie and even shouted, "You must take good care of our husband, Da Lang (Show's character's name)!  We'll lend him to you for now."

Credit: UDN news

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