Rachel Liang Calling Shots for New MV

Things are looking bright again for Rachel Liang (Chinese name: Liang Wen Yin) a year after her successful run in Taiwan’s uber-famous music competition show “One Million Stars”, Taiwan’s version of “American Idol” (or “Pop Idol” for you guys over the pond). Although she failed to win it all and instead ended up as a runner-up, she took advantage of her time from the show to jumpstart her own musical career.

To show for it, Rachel Liang recently released a new MV displaying her soft and soothing singing voice to the backdrop of a somber tale of love. The MV is for her latest song 哭過就好了, which can be translated as “It’s Okay to Cry”. In this new MV, Rachel was able to call some of the shots in its filming, specifying in detail on the look and concepts of the video in order to visually express what she felt in the song.

Rachel was further helped by an assorted cast in the filming of her MV, with the help of rising screenwriter/director phenom Zheng Fen Fen of the Taiwanese movie “Hear Me”, actress Michelle Chen (Chinese name: Chen Yan Xi) of the Taiwanese drama “Miss No Good”, and Wasir Zhou (Chinese name: Zhou Yong Xuan) of the Taiwanese drama “Fighting Spirit”. Just working on the 5-minute MV was itself an obstacle in itself, consisting of over 48 hours of filming and 10 different versions to edit from for the final product.

Judge for yourself as to whether all that work was worth it by watching the MV below!

Source: tom.com

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