“Peach” Nanny Cyndi Wang Almost Hit in the Face with Toddler Pee

Cyndi Wang is currently acting in GTV’s “Momo Love”, where she plays the “little sister” in the idol drama. Outside the idol drama though, she is actually the “older sister” in a single-parent family household, and had to take care of her eight-month brother when she was five years old. Towards children who give her the biggest headaches, she replies, “It’s simple, as long as you stuff their faces with snacks!” Little children that go to her behave like angels.

A few days ago while playing a nanny in “Momo Love”, Cyndi would help bathe a baby, keep the baby happy, and comfort the baby to sleep. While dressing the baby, the baby shot a stream of urine, which stunned the actress on the spot. Cyndi then laughingly said, “Luckily it shot outward, or else it would have sprayed my face!”

Jiro Wang also went to the kindergarten to teach the children drawing. The self-proclaimed “King of Children” was popular with the children and was nicknamed “Big Brother Durian”. Was it because he was stinky like the fruit? Jiro immediately explained, “No! It’s because my hair is like a durian!”

Source: The Liberty Times

Pauli's Comment:
Even though article is writing about Cyndi as an older sister figure, Cyndi looks like a mommy in that pic, hehe. Ah, it seemed just like yesterday when Cyndi was playing the role of a high schooler... And I swear, toddlers are like weapons of pee destruction.

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