Otaku Goddess Tofu Flower Girl’s Non-Stop Rise in Popularity

A new queen in the hearts of otaku everywhere has taken the throne recently, and her name is Huan Ru Tsai, otherwise known as "Dou Hua Mei 豆花妹" or “Tofu Flower Girl (TF Girl)”.

With her growing demand In endorsements, TFG has seen her popularity rising non-stop and with cameras on her a lot. TF Girl is only 21 years old and is still a management major in college, but she has already been requested to be in front of cameras by the media twelve times. And lately, TF Girl has already become online gaming’s new darling since buxom Taiwanese singer Yao Yao achieved fame with her “Sha Hen Da” commercials.

Besides game endorsements, TF Girl is currently modeling on the catwalk, guest hosting a video game television show, and promoting products for various vendors. TF Girl is also currently in the works of a new album with her decent singing voice, which will hope to break rival Yao Yao’s album sales later on next year.

If you're bored, then check out her cosplaying on her recent guest-hosting gig of a video game show below!

Tofu Flower Girl in "Dian Wan Kuai Da":

Source: sugoideas

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